Thursday, September 21, 2006
Uhm, no title

Haha okay today shall be the day jianhao did more than 3 gay things!!! HE DID FIVE !!! Lol , k after a absurdly boring CME Lesson where we were Treated to some gay videos featuring some Fab Chups and some Grandpa that fished around when hes a kid, we went on some China outing... walking to staircase and jianhao flipped lao da off, so naturally everyone else started going : "Ohhh Da jianhao Da ta Da ta !!!!" Well we just started hitting him lightly whilst making it look like we were beating the crap out of him, or at least thats what we'd do cuz before we did anything he tried to elbow me, i managed to move away, then he punched martin and punched matthew in the eye, Full strenght btw, not a joke punch. Porn. Then matthew said something very prostitutely to jian hao and chee kiong came out of nowhere and we got Bullshit. We followed lao da out of school to go eat at the nearby coffee shop, we took up two friggin tables, and then jun wen and his regular group of frends ( mick, thomas and weixiang, i think there were others i dunno) came soon after, they took up two tables too, damn our class took four tables altogether. lol. Then midway thru our meal jianhao yelled out at some people WAY inside the coffee shop, and he screwed himself. After that he took my cup of chrysanthemum tea, i thought he wanted to drink so i didnt stop him, then he stuck his damned hand inside the 3/4 filled cup of drink to take ice, * okay i was already damned bloody pissed by that* then he knocked the cup down, GOODBYE $1.20 !!!! I vulgared and he walked to the other table and threw the ice at martin. Yok got hit by the ice and was already pissed by previous bullshit and yelled at jianhao. K we went to J8, raced in two groups to see which way was the fastest way to get to the J8 interchange, lol so the Normal way was the Slower way, but they ran so thats cheating. We hung around at mini toons for awhile, saw some guy with the headband that the ninjas in the naruto anime/manga wear and we were like, what the hell naruto lol. Then he walked pass us in comics connection while we were observing games and while he was only about a meter away from us Martin went "Sharingan!!" and sean said go Naruto. well, what can you expect when you walk around wearing that headband. stayed at best denki for awhile then took taxi home. Jianhao kept some coins and said i had it and screwed himself cause no one believes him. Then he bent over to my seat infront and when he sat back properly he said he took the money from me, uhh whats the point of that? O_o, i dropped off and went home.



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Saturday, September 16, 2006
Chupping leads to Death

Mmm okay i just came back from breakfast and im currently waiting for some Japan Hour to start on Chn news asia.. mmm... salmon...rawr... K, enuf of that, heres some news, a man happily walking with a woman got Approached and CHUPed and wtf, KILLED. Heres the article.

A man has died after being attacked by a group of men at Havelock Road early Sunday.
Police responded to a call about an injured man lying at Central Square at about 1.40am.
He had suffered some stab wounds to his stomach and was sent to the Singapore General Hospital where he died about half an hour later.
Investigations showed the victim was with a woman when he was attacked by a group of about 8 to 10 men, believed to be Malays in their 20s.
A second victim, who was nearby when the attack happened, suffered some cuts to his right forearm.
The assailants, who were clad in black jackets or sweaters, were seen running along Havelock Road and into New Market Road.
No weapons have been recovered at the crime scene.

oooh... pwnt by 10 dudes.

Remember kids !!!! Gangsterism is bad !!!!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Uhhhh cant be assed to think of a title

ignore the title, =/.

K you all know whats really screwed up? yesterday i planned to sleep when i go home but shit, CHEE peng tuition, as i pretty much wasted term3 i thought i should study, Sleep posponed to today, and today, wtf, English Oral that lasted till 4:30pm -_-".... Im never going to get enough sleep...

Okay to be MORE detailed about the day, well abit unusual morning, i didnt eat curry puffs or stuffs, instead, i and some others got treated to ANTS... ugh... ms tew's class was some Xiao lao Shit stuff, and god i was just so f'ing tired today, i totally fell asleep for 30 mins before ms tew woke me up, then i dosed off till the end of the lesson in a reading position >.< Science was pretty fun i guess, learnt Communities and all that animal stuff that mr tay should talk about on animal planet. Recess was not too out of the normal, which was abnormal since things normally go out of the normal... blah confusing, lolz. Midway between recess and chee kiong was abit odd, zheng yong followed us to the toilet and got mass ownage inside, he got dragged into the cubicle by yok and seemed to get uhh.... dunno, humped? then he went out , he opened the toilet door, shut it, and went back in the cubicle to pee or something, wtf cant he use those little pee bucket w/e stuff for peeing? lol. we shut the door and put a table infront of it , then after that yok came in and gave us a strange face to look at, everybody went silent and the music playing from bob's phone kinda echoed through the place, lol, then he went back out and martin climbed ontop the other cubicle to see zhengyong pee and he was like Ahhhha.... ( in his strange funny voice) and went out, i told him to get back in and pee properly but he refused and WTF he didnt zip his pants and left pee trails -_-", after that he blamed me for not being able to pee everything out, like wtf i did tell him to go back in and pee properly, Spoon... ( Spoon doesnt mean exactly mean anything, i just say it for nothing lol). Well the rest went okay, i got a sweet hilarious book from chun heng, then had the oral exam, god had to wait so damn long for my turn. After that i went home in a taxi with matthew, chatted with the taxi uncle all the way back. Then later i went back to bishan to buy stuff and saw Latiff and another officer Inspecting all the cars =O Police Workz!!! Well thats pretty much all for today, cyas.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Crocodile hunter is dead... * cries*

Yeah... a few days ago i guess you all would have heard this dreadful news.....*sniff*... the one about steve irwin and the stingray... So i was playing World of warcraft and some of the players were talking about steve irwin and that he is dead. Didnt believe it for awhile but so many people talked about it and everything tallied... i went to check the news and OMFG HES REALLY DEAD !!! AND OF ALL THINGS HE GOT KILLED BY A DAMN STINGRAY !!!

Dammit...i always thought a croc would kill him.... now we all know that Stingrays are more badass than crocs... well shit... i loved his shows on animal planet, i dont see them so often cause its hard to get them at a time when im free but it was always nice seeing his happy sunshine face and watching him handle crocs.. then he got smart and pissed off a stingray which led him to his grave.. he was filming a documentary with stingrays, and according to the people that wrote the news, he swam too close and agitated the stingray which in some sort of defence, used the barb hidden in its tail thats full of poison ( most of the time ) and stabbed him straight in the heart, im not trying to be funny but thats a instant kill, irwin pulled out the barb and he fainted, or died straight away as most people suggest, whether or not he died or the spot.. after being checked by the doctors he was comfirmed dead, and just like that one of the most cheerful and well liked person in the world is GONE... although yeah i didnt really like it that much that he fed a croc while holding his kid, if he had made some slip or something the croc would probably choose the bigger baby over that piece of dirty meat... Oh and those playing WoW, feel free to come to Sentinels server where theres a little memorial.... Arghhh ********CRY******* >.<

I give my respects to Steve Irwin...


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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Teachers Day

Okay hi everybody, and sorry for not posting recently, Laziness has overcome me ^^
Todays Teachers Day !!!! Just as i reached school, it started raining on me !! omg!!! I quickly ran into the small school gate near the security guard post and went to the canteen to our usual gathering spot. All the sports leaders and some others including chunheng were there, the sports leaders were skilling around with the ball and we just hung out there till the rain got heavy enough to start splashing into the pathway where we sat. We moved to the canteen and then to Ah tew's class when bell rang. The school got gay and left us in the class till about 8:30 to do some retarded aces ( All Children Execise Simultaniously -_-) day exercise, you know those where you move sideways and stuff then stick out your ass to "fart"... got lazy again and was sleepy so i pretty much skipped the whole exercise with hweeling, got early recess that lasted about 50 mins, got back into the hall suffered gay concert treatment, some parts were nice and funny but it got really boring and frustrating after awhile, at the end of the performance got into alittle fight with jupri, i quickly tried to douse flames with water but people suddenly came to beat him up >.< , he got all pissed and then i doused the watered flame with more water and it got calm. We waited for martin then went to pei chun, i went inside and got reminded of china and stuffs, then i went home when i got all tired and stuffs. All for today ppls, goodbye =).

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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Stop emailing me

Um for those that have no idea whats going on, its like this.... about 4-5 people are emailing me about my blog with random issues, theres 2 unknown singaporeans and some aussie guys emailing me once in awhile with things like Hello, nice blog or What band is that on your blogskin, Now i do have a cbox, USE IT FOREIGNERS!!!! Same applies to singaporeans whether i know you or not, and to that random australian that emailed me about the cbox, its that chat box thingy on the blog, you put in a name, and send a message, got it? And sorry about those hoping for a reply, i cant seem to email you back. Goodbye.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Another day

Okay hi everyone. Today started off usual, it seems Martin didnt get free rides to school today, so when i came he was alone, eating. We chatted for awhile and then grayson came, followed by kingsley and jianhao then matthew and all the rest. Jianhao was sick in the morning, me and matthew watched he walk back and forth from the toilet. Okay over with that, we had flag raising, got morning LECTURING by ms tew, haiqal suffered as well and then listened to Samuel Goh COMPLAIN. Something about a gyss girl meeting a boy, is love that wrong? Next up was ms tew's class, everyone else was having a test so i just chilled off at the back and did my math homework with ya xiang and zhangxin. After that we had PE, while the others went to play, i had to do my NAPFA 5 Stations, BLAH DAMMIT!!! i wasted a period doing that, and my stomach got exposed while i was doing sit up and my belly hair got Discovered by people. Recess played soccer abit... then we got treated to Wang Piew... boring lessons...then math and we got Sex Education by lee chee kiong, that guy seems have ALOT of friends that know everything, we got told masturbation is bad and addictive and leads to the dark side =X. After school we went to have lunch and go to police post, jian hao seems to have anger problems with mick and grayson, i had a little argument with mick while eating but, oh well i buried the hatchet if there was any IMMEDIATELY. Jianhao just kept going on though, Fighting with Friends is bad, PEACE AND HARMONY LEADS TO PROSPERITY !!! Okay so we reported Johnny to the policeman, whom i'll from here on call, Latif. Okay johnny, now Johnny is a strange man, hes crazy, and he rides around in a bicycle doing scary and disturbing things. I was really surprised when i found out everyone else knew about Johnny, i saw him years ago riding around a bicycle at my place, the first time i saw him i was walking outside the mcdonald next to my block, he rode past me and looked at me and yelled out: PANGSAI!!!!! then he fell off his bike and scolded my a fucker and quickly rode away, the second time i saw him was at a market, he rode in his bike again and pointed the middle finger at me and stuck his tongue out at people. WTF? so we reported him and Latif phoned him up and told him off. We had a long chat with Latif and decided to have an Alliance with him. After that me and the usuals took taxi home together.

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